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1. Use a prep tool to etch the inside of carbon shafts for maximum A-Sert adhesion.

2. Clean inside of shaft with cotton tip swab with appropriate cleaner.  Allow to dry.

3. Apply insert adhesive to A-Sert sleeve sparingly.

4. Place A-Sert Sleeve into shaft, rotate 1/2 turn while installing.  Immediately clean off any excess glue with clean cloth.

5. Follow glue instructions for glue cure time.  Failure to do so may result in loss of A-Sert.

6. Remove nock and install A-Sert Nut flat-end first so cross-cut is toward nock end of arrow.

7. Place broadhead/tip through A-Sert Sleeve.

8. Adjust broadhead/tip to desired position.  Using Adjusting Tool, tighten A-Sert Nut.

9. Remove Adjusting Tool and replace nock.

** For removal of A-Sert Nut, remove Adjusting Tool handle and use threaded end to remove A-Sert Nut.

Compatible with A-Sert Weight Forward System

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