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  • Index any broadhead 
  • Faster broadhead tuning
  • No more O-rings to dry rot
  • No need to add washers
  • Locks broadheads down tighter
  • Easily add weight forward (sold separately)
  • Equivalent weight to standard inserts
  • Allows you to try different broadheads
  • Results in tighter groups
  • Designed to work with faster bows
  • Field tips will not vibrate loose 


A-Serts are patented adjustable inserts for precision broadhead tuning.  A-Serts easily index your broadhead to your arrow vanes insuring a smoother arrow flight.  A-Serts work all the time, every time, with most styles of arrow tips.  A-Serts are intended for carbon arrows and crossbow bolts that use removable nocks.  Webb Products has a weight-forward system for A-Serts that easily allows you to add or remove weight.  Try A-Serts, you will wonder what you ever did without them!




A-Serts are machined with the highest tolerance possible.  Add the A-Sert patented rotational adjustment feature for fast broadhead tuning; and you now have the straightest, most accurate inserts in the industry.  If you want to shoot a precision arrow, then shoot a precision insert!




The A-Sert Adjusting Tool lifetime warranty is simple. If it becomes damaged, send it back to us for a new replacement. 

( Warranty applies to Adjusting Tool only)

U.S. Pat. 8,480,520

Endorsed by Team Fitzgerald

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