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With 80 years of combined bowhunting experience, father and son expected more from their arrow flight.  Aligning broadheads with arrow vanes was a tedious process, but one of which both felt necessary for smooth arrow flight.  Rubber O-rings, metal washers, or strategically gluing inserts was not only time consuming but not always accurate.  Then, a change of broadhead styles would initiate the process all over again.  There had to be a better way to accomplish precision broadhead tuning.

A-Sert is an adjustable insert for precision broadhead tuning.  A-Sert easily indexes your broadhead to your arrow vanes insuring a smoother arrow flight.  A-Sert works all the time, every time, with most styles of arrow tips.  A-Sert is intended for carbon arrows and crossbow bolts that use removable nocks.  Webb Products has a weight-forward system for A-Sert that easily allows you to add or remove weight.  Try A-Serts, you will wonder what you ever did without them!

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